Test Taping Machine ME-702

Outline This machine forwards IC chips by its parts feeder for electric characteristic check. After that check, it proceeds to insert the product into carrier tape pockets and to operate, finally, the visual inspection. Moreover, it can handle different sizes of packages.
Applicable Package Type CSP Package, etc.
Basic Spec 1. It can handle different sizes of packages
2. Electric Characteristic Check: Max. 4 sites
3. Sorting: 5
4. Visual Inspection: Direction, Lead and Mark
5. Contour Dimension: W1,120 * D1,070 * H 1,630, about 550kg
6. Processing Speed: 0.17`0.19 sec/piece (except CSP package)
Remarks: Forwarding is by adsorptive rotary multi-head.
Full-cover is optional feature.